My first forged item


Awe look at my baby titanium hammer! LOL!! My first forged item…look how purdy it is! :smile: Was a ton of fun…felt like a kid on Christmas morning! LOL! Now I need to run down the mountain and try it out.


And how it works? :smiley:


Oh it’s fine! LOL! Very slow little thing but hey, from small beginnings :grin:


That sounds great! I have never used the Centraforge before! But it’s about time :blush: My first hammers will definitely kill me !!


It’s a lot of fun when it works…I’ve been reading a lot of post on the subject since last year and trying to wrap my head around the process, I see a lot of peeps getting frustrated, but I think the main thing is to have fun with it and try not to get too serious about it. I’ve been buying high dollar weapons and tools for a while, so decided to try my hand at the forging…lots of costly materials needed to make all the ingredients but it’s something to do when I get tired of the grind…like right now, I’m mining titanium so I can make more power coils, oh yeah and I need to mine more amethyst and and and…lol. Such a long process trying not to get in an all fired hurry. Have been saving all the trophys from hunts since last year too…so I have plenty to play around with…for now! HA! Going on group hunts has helped with my stash tremendously.


The first time I forged I followed jiivitas video step by step by step. Just to get the “feel” for forging. But very nice first attempt.


Thank you so much! I will go watch jiivitas video!