My glue and stone gone

I had a bunch of plinths queued using stones and glue - then I canceled to move other stuff up the queue, thinking that materials used for it will come back to me as it wasn’t in crafting yet (just sitting in queue);

is it supposed to be like this or is it a bug?

that makes me think of adding option to move queued crafting orders up and down so one could arrange things needed quick before the ones already in queue…

I put it in suggestions so more than issues as I think its just the way it is for now that canceling queue means losing all material.

Was your machine inventory full at the time of cancelling?

not sure but most likely - there might have been one slot left; still I’d expect that if items are coming back they would slot into stacks (as in I had more glue in one slot than needed and 12 were left after ordering plinths, so if returned wouldn’t they add up to the same stack?)

I also think being able to rearrange queued items up or own would be awesome! :thumbsup: I don’t think spark is refunded from a canceled queue either.

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Did this issue ever occur when cancelling other recipes in the Crafting Queue tab, or was this the only time you cancelled crafting ?

it happened before i canceled but it was way before when ordering didnt take your materials right away