My Idea for a cool world

okay, I’m not sure if this is possible with the current world building tools, but I really want a world where there are a bunch of rock formations everywhere that look like statues, and it’s a bit misty here, so an unattentive player could mistake a statue for a giant monster, and more importantly, mistake a monster for a statue.

who else thinks this would be really cool?


someone sugessted to me that you could also have a world where there’s a spider-web of ravines, kinda like the cracks you see in dried mud, but WAY bigger. so you can either try to travel over them with bridges or grapples on the mostly flat surface, or travel through the ravines and see where they take you.

Cool idea! I am almost sure it is possible But you need the world builder :smiley:

By the time the world builder cannot do the statue thing but hopefully in the future :slight_smile:

can’t you make randomly spawned buildings?

Em not yet though i am sure it is planned, by the time the world builder allows you to make:

  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Stones
  • Crystals

And then of course standard world generation like terrain and ores.

You can make trees made of stone so if you can get the right shape for them you could get something like odd pillars dotting the landscape.

Well its not Possible yet, but maybe they implement to add custom stuctures like custom brushes into the Worldbuilder. Who knows? I would like that, cause you could add some cool formations (not only statues) to the landscapes tho.

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I sorta hope that will happen and that you can randomize and categorize said buildings.

To the suggestion thread

Hey I’m nearly finnished my own first World, if you want I can help you creating your own. Without the statues of course ^^ Jut send me an Private message if you want it or not. :smile:

Oh and if you want I can also do it for you, have to learn more about the Worldbuilder anyway ^^

Thats my World:

Cool world = death and danger XD