My longplay of the beginning of FO4's Nuka-World DLC

I know I cheated, I know the framerate is awful sometimes but I DID IT FIRST :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
I did it before Bethesda.

And it looks like you got shut down as a result? That, or its broken. Ehh, probably not a good thing either way.

The video Aint working for me

I was actually able to do it, but Bethesda shut down all of my videos and my yt account. Hats off to you Zenimax.

Yeah… developers don’t often like their property being published before it’s public release. Be glad you don’t have a lawsuit on your hands to top that off.

They don’t usually ever go that far, unless it was like nuclear launch codes being leaked or top secret cat pictures. The DLC is soooooo boring though if you didnt see the video. It’s literally a watered down version of go there and kill bandits. With alot of scavenger hunts. Literally ones for little kids, look for the secret pictures and look for special circuit boards for the legendary power armor, which I got without effort. Aaaaanywho I always manage to sneak past them. They didn’t delete 1 of my videos which was longer and had more stuff.

If Fallout is too boring for you then try playing on survival difficulty :wink: