My name is banned, why?

My name has been on the signs since I started the game. Now my name is considered not appropriate. I had to change my settlements name too. I logged in and it was “Unnamed” and my signs all have ******* I can not fix it either. The name on my settlement was Tickets and the name on my signs is Penny not sure why that is inappropriate. I have used this name in all my gaming. It is in my PSN name. Please tell me how to get this fixed.

                                            Thank You 
                                                Lucky Penny

If you align to a guild, your stuff usually have to be renamed.

The system has issues with certain number/letter/character combinations…I think they are looking into it. So if you have “This is my sign 123 :)” it may show as “*********is my *******” (or something similar). I usually just re-do the sign or add a space if that happens.

I can rename it anything but Penny. I ll try adding or taking a space away.

Can you provide a screenshot of what it looks like on the sign, along with the Display Text on the Sign GUI menu?

I wonder if it’s specific to certain locations or if it’s the character combos?
I have this one sign that keeps derping…

This one next to it doesn’t have the same problem:

Can you share the exact text that is hitting the filter?

Although if everything is hitting the filter it’s more likely that the parental settings have been set to disable all user generated content. Please check this.

“T1+ Worlds” is hitting the filters need to use “T1 + Worlds” instead.

“Penny” thats all

if you add an s to the end for dutch people it sounds like a mans dingdong lol maybe that the problem :grin: to add to this i seen a lot off this happen in chat on things that def dont need to be muted

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“Penny” doesn’t hit the filter for me. Can you please check your parental settings?

Penny doesnt trigger mine either. and im too lazy to disable the parental settings lol. So still at factory settings. Screenshot?

just a sec, I have not messed with them, lol

Yes the first pic is exact.

lmbo, maybe because I did add an s. With and without spaces.

Yes thats it

Ahh translation issue. 'Murica!

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Im cracking up over here now


lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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