My Noob First Impression after 2-3 weeks of Playing

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So, First off I play a great deal of open world sandbox games. I have thousands of hours in other games similar to this one. I don’t mind digging a large hole or grinding out a bunch of materials for a build. This game however…

Starting thoughts

Holy Smokes! This game… So I not only was sought and found by another player within the first 20 minutes of playing. I didn’t realize it was an online large community type of game as I did ZERO research and instead just played simply off the steam trailer.

I was not only invited to live in an area but also was invited to the discord and to here the forums.

So I initially feared this up front contact and considered this person could be a troll in disguise and was going to destroy anything I did… Well what i found out is this person is not a troll…

At this point after joining the discord there was several people willing to help explain and even sent me videos along with screenshots over things to help me. I have spent well over 120 hours since starting 19 days ago…I have been basically going to work, come home do some chores really quick and rush into playing. Now some of these hours are me staying in the game over night as I didn’t realize machines crafted if your online or off line…I know I was a noob again who didn’t put in any initial research… The video on Steam is just so good. :sunglasses:

At this point

So my thoughts at this point? Well, I think the color and variations of building options of this game compared to other games I play…They loose, this game has some of the best building and block design I have ever seen. Building by far is something of “awe” in this game. You can run through a town until you see something and you have to stop and just go… “what the… WOW” . This game allows those to display a true talent for art and design.

The monsters vary massively depending on their strength. I didn’t think a spitter was going to launch bombs at me or a floating eye was going to laser me in the face, but it happened. This kept things interesting from the start and still is up to now. I only wish there were more monsters besides the few, now granted each level of strength of the monsters changes what they do and this is cool sort of makes up for that. I’m excited to see what the next update has in store…

The crafting is quite complicated (which I love) and brings something i enjoy. This game has you make all these machines when you start and I couldn’t help but think “wow, there is so many… Will I really need these?” Sure enough as I played into the end of my first week, I realized that need. Now pushing into several weeks I am still finding items and things to be crafted. This is amazing as it is not an instant gratification. You have to work hard to build to a certain “tier” then do it again and again it feels. This is something that offers a new experience as it opens more doors for you to explore and if we are talking about exploring…this game lets you run around looking for a ton of things all in the beauty of color.

Harvesting is something that I have grown to love. I realized now that I cannot craft everything nor can i build everything which, I was upset at first that i couldn’t do everything myself but later realized this wasn’t a bad thing. Why? Well these people I mentioned earlier were there to offer aid help or even services for a price. I laugh when I heard “only for a small price”, Ill get into that part next but, the community helps people out and there is all sorts of people with their own character builds. They cannot do everything just like me but they picked what they love and so did I. This is pretty darn cool as you are not left stranded in a corner only able to do this or that, but rather can reach out to your friends for help.

The community here is intense as there is competitive markets, competitive service tasking, competitive building as far as the prestige for buildings, etc. All this I realized pretty quickly as I got these coins? What coins? The game would tell me “Mission completed pal, here is some xp and coins” which I didn’t realize. Wish there was more in-game tutorials or help as far as the coins towards helping you understand what they are for, how prices are established…When I started i didn’t know what spark was nor did I know what compact peat or whatever there was… This was my only hard learning curve which people luckily in the community helped me with. The stores and such is an AMAZING thing along with beacon tax.

So my final thoughts?
This game is amazing, I love it. I am excited to watch it grow and continue its development. I have been tempted to buy it for friends, to even upgrade my pledge (which I will do in the near future) and am inspired enough to say something here. Already written a noob Steam review stating how amazing this game is. Thanks for the hard work dev’s, thank you to the community for embarrassing new people like you did for me and welcome new players to this wonderful experience.

I am open to being asked questions about my experience and you can find me farming all the gleam :smiling_imp:



I’m glad you like to be challenged a bit. Have exactly same feelings about it.
Great you find the game exciting - always cool to see another new player ready to dive into this colorful universe. :sunglasses:


I keep having meteors spawn near my mining base in eloper. Those cuttletrunks sure are annoying.

Awesome experience with an open mind. I didn’t realize how much of an mmo it was either. I was running around trying to figure out my objectives, and looked up to see an Oortling running in the distance. I was like “no way, another person, really?” So I took off chasing them , finally caught up, and realized there was cities, and towns, and soon joined Black Light with its cool weird looking glowing glass X.

There is soo much more coming man. Just wait till 187 goes live. “Crafting on Crack”


i felt the same way when I started! one year later and I still feel the same way. welcome to boundless!
have you seen this

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I completely agree’s with you, I had the same sort of experience when I started the community is what make this game way greater than so many other games out there!

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So true!!!