My observations on the update

I’m noticing a few things / potential bugs after this update.

  • Per Pixel lighting now drops my fps from 60 to 5. I’m certain there’s something going wrong there, unless of course it’s incredibly graphics intensive with grass.
  • Doors work very well for a first concept of them. (Hint: if you hit shift while placing doors you can stack them ontop of each other easily
  • crafting is looking better than MC already- I really like that you can get the full host of block options just by placing wood down. In MC making ladders / stairs / doors was a very lengthly process that required a bunch of time, but in this It’s quick and painless. I very much like that aspect of crafting.
  • Doors and stairs are already 90% decoration for me XD. This is good though. Doors make a good fence as a placeholder for fences for now.
  • I really want upside down stairs already :stuck_out_tongue:

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What world are the screenshots from? For the grass, have you tried changing the Foliage Quality settings from the within the Options menu to see if it makes a difference to the FPS? Also, what are your system specifications?

The Screenshots were of my use of doors and stairs.
I did notice that being in heavily grassy areas was damaging my fps by about 5-10, but that isn’t very major, and I could offset it by lowering the foliage quality a bit. The fps drop I’m talking about took my normally ~60fps framerate and dropped it to the 5-10 range. when I turned off per pixel lighting my fps returned to normal, and was much higher than it was before the update. I could run post effects without much hit in fps. I tried messing with settings for awhile and I’m very confident that per pixel lighting is the cause of the issue for me.
System Specs:
mid 2012 13" macbook pro
2.5GHz Intel i5
4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

Have you tried toggling the Screen resolution settings within the Options menu to see if that makes a difference to the FPS?

Not yet. I’ll give it a shot.