My review on boundless going into 2019 / ANYONE HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR A FOLLOW UP VIDEO?(edit)

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Hi some of you may remember I use to be a very dedicated play in the earlier stages of development. Good to see sooooo many new faces and that the game is thriving! :):smiley:
Just thought I would share a review with you and thank you for any and all support.

@Jiivita @james @Havok40k @AmandaPan @TwistedFoot @Steggs101 @Omnifob @Rumplypigskin @MrGamer117 @the-moebius

Thanks for the tag @Glychi and glad to see you back in game


@james tyvm for the sub :slight_smile: hopefully the video did the game justice

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where is the RPG in the game though lol. Otherwise MMO is correct

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true i guess it may not be your conventional rpg i suppose but you can play a role crafter, builder, hunter, mayor of a city so on :slight_smile: just not as structured as most rpg’s and the stories are player crafted.


fair enough

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Awesome, Welcome back @Glychi


Watched, subscribed.

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@MrGamer117 ty good to be back :slight_smile: and ty spoygg


Ty everyone for support the video did well for a very small channel like mine. Just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a follow video? all suggestions welcome ty all :slight_smile:

@Glychi its a good vid but i really would have appreciated an epilepsy warning bout effd me up


@JuanCrypto good point i really did not think about that… sorry. Yeh i need to find an animator or something to create a little intro for me.

that being said it was a very well put together vid

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thank you very much i would like to do a collab with Jiivita and a few of the other boundless youtubers but I am a small channel atm :slight_smile:

happy to see ya backs cant wait to meet ingame again :smile:

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ty :slight_smile: i should be playing most of tomoz :):smile: hopefully bump into you then ive tucked myself away atm on arie planning something big but grinding them levels haha