My Sacs for your Rough Oortstones

Good day awesome Oortians!

So as per the title, I would like to trade my GB sacs for your rough oortstones. I am valuing sacs at 3000 and Oorts at 300 (although one could argue that oorts probably lost some value due to their influx from the GB event but all good we will assume they are still at 300).

For now, will trade 1000 sacs for 10000 rough oorts. Pm me if interested. Thanks :smiley:.

So when people start buying sacs again, they will be valued at 3k+ :+1::money_with_wings::moneybag:

Possibly even more. Take a look at unique gleams reaching values of 7-10k.


I don’t think they would increase to much as there’s still a limit to how much people will pay for them. i would love if they where at 7k or more, but that won’t happen sadly. But the augment will probably be at that price

While I agree 7k per sac seems far, you just really never know. Black gleam became harder to get during this event so its price soared. You never know if sacs will be harder to get next event due to some meteor anti abuse mechanism or what not. Or if someone finds it profitable to buy sacs and turn them to augments to get gleam meteors.

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