My silence recently

Hello friends!

I wanted to apologize for the last month and the upcoming month as I have been absent from the community almost entirely. I had not been feeling myself and wanted to play nothing while handling the passing of my Mom. She passed on April 24th, and I am still helping both of my brothers-- who are also Boundless community members here address the living situation, and making sure they are stable in this sad time.

As a result, all of the stress, and sadness had built up on myself I went into a semi nasty depression and I didn’t want to talk with anyone, not even my friends. However, last night after a friend decided to take materials from a build they were doing for us on Kabi, and then told me I should give my things away to someone else instead of selling my items-- I got very inspired to build again. And I feel so much better.

So the bad deed that happened and the broken promise led to something amazing, my passion to build again. So Thank you mystery person. [I know who it is, but I wont out them.]

But I am going to also say I am sorry I will still be a little distant over the next month as I stabilize myself.
We lost Dad at 50 years old, and now mom at 61… I am heart broken to have lost now both parents in my 30’s. I love both of them, and am going to miss both very much, so I am trying to be more active, but I wanted to say I’m sorry if I seem distant-- I am. Just not on purpose.

I love you all. Thank you for understanding.


I am sorry for you lost you should take all the time you need away from game and talking to others metal health is more important ,and family is the probably the only ones that understand what’s you are going though .


I will just say what I wanted to hear when this happened to me.

Remember the good times and save the best times for when you need the warmth.


I’m so sorry to hear, Nonie. Always take the time you need to heal.


hugs deepest sympathies, and much, much empathy. Grief is a strange beast, but I am so very glad you rediscovered your joy in building, that’s something I can very much relate to - I got a lot of comfort hitting gravel in Boundless while grieving for my Dad last year.


So sorry for you and your family’s loss. Just remember all the good times.

I know the feeling very well. Both of my parents are gone now as well.

Sending hugs.


Sorry to hear that. Tough to say goodbye to parents especially when it feels too soon. No one can prepare for any kind of loss anyway, so sending Boundless hugs all the way. :hugs:


Mate that sounds tough but glad you’re finding joy in things after all that’s all we have in life really.
There’s a line we say in Spanish and Portuguese “the people United will never be divided”
Brings me comfort when facing the times that aren’t so great and am glad you found a similar comfort in our community :innocent:
Take care of you and whenever your keen we’re all here :v:t3::heart:


Remember that grief is a very personal thing. There is no timeline. There is not even a finish line. Allow yourself the time and space that your heart and body decides it needs.

Loss at any stage or age is life altering.

I am glad for you that you have found a positive, no matter what it is, even among the pain.

My heart goes out to you. Calm and gentle thoughts coming your way.


I am so sorry for your loss, Noni. Healing takes time…. And finding your love for building again is a great place to start. Too bad a friend spawned your peek out of your depression for the wrong reasons. You deserve better. :two_hearts:


I know this feeling. My grandmother, who was a 2nd mother to me and fought for me against tyrannical teachers, passed away June 5th, 2019. I bought Boundless that night and jumped into it. I spent the next couple of months just playing Boundless and using it to help balance out my grief.

So you’ll probably understand when I say, “Death is that state in which one exists only in the memory of others. Which is why it is not an end. No Goodbyes. Just good memories.”


My condolences for your loss Nonie.

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