My suggestions after having played for a few weeks

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All right! I love the game so far, however, I think it can be polished even more so that it has more content of different types to entertain all types of players. Next I will enumerate some improvements that I have thought that I appreciate you:

  • Ancient battlefield: create exoplanets that are like ancient battlefields where to discover the history of the Oorts and get special materials and tools. These exoplanets would have something like dungeons or ruins with monsters extremely difficult to kill if you don’t go with your guild being well prepared.
    To give variability and competitiveness, these Ancient Battlegrounds could be PVP zones, with benefits if you are the first guild to discover and conquer these relics of the Oort, and it may become necessary for two guilds to fight to achieve the goal. The benefits could be, for example:

Unique objects and materials that are not renewed with the world and that can only be achieved if you are the conqueror of one of these Ancient Battlegrounds. In addition to getting some interests of the other players when, after being conquered, they go to the exoplanet to farm and hunt.

-Vehicles: flying ships, create blocks that have the characteristic of levitation, impulse engines with the physics of animals that are imposed on you, control block of the ship, etc. to create vehicles that levitate and move around the world. These ships, although they cannot be used to move between the different worlds, could be used to move to explore a world, in addition to further encouraging the creativity of the players to give us many possibilities of design of the flying ships to be built by blocks and Not be an item. I don’t know if this vehicle system would be viable but if possible I think it would be very interesting.

Thank you for reading these suggestions and excuse my translator English, greetings.

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No pvp for me. That would be the Breaking Point for real, sorry not my vote.

About moving blocks and Things, i asked that a while back and never got an answer IF it is even possible. So good luck there.

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Eh yeah I’m already having enough fun with the type of PVP we already have, like dodge bombs and building competitions. Tried hunting with my group on an exo…I’ll sit the exo PVP out. Lol.
However, just because I wouldn’t do it now, doesn’t mean I never would. I’d just need to build up the right skill sheet (and patience and coordination and memory and…)

As for the moving bits…I’ve wanted rotating gears since I started building my ferris wheel. Doesn’t have to be a fast rotation…could have 3 speeds and be a block with up to 3 gears at a time…one for each speed.
Not really a fan of the vehicle idea, as we can create some crazy vehicles of various sizes. Collision detection comes to mind…