My World

Uhm @ben, when will I get an answer if my world’s getting uploadet or not? I did send an e-Mail I think nearly 2 weeks ago now, but didn’t get an answer yet.

We’re not planning on putting any new worlds live this week, but when we next do the ones that have been submitted will definitely be up for consideration :smiley:


and what about mine?(turuncu) are you planning to add them too? :smile:
Just asking because I want to build a town there and if you don’t add it i’ll build it on one of the current worlds

Pshht youre my builder, at least I thought you are… You have to help me with my Guildtown.

Well if they add it i will build one on my world :smiley: If you want me to build your guildtown you have to build ot on turuncu :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see :wink: Working on the Layout of the Town right now. Drawing on paper :smiley:

Personally I am hoping some worlds are going to be replaced rather than added. There are already to many and too few players on at once to play them. Maybe bringing maintenance down by lessening the amount of worlds up might even help free the staff as well. [After the worlds are archived and saved for future use and people’s builds are saved as well]

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If anyone touches gasan ill kill them 100 times

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They can’t get rid of -

Tawas, Civini, Gihhs, Gortnen, Lepker, Nasaq, Wenton, Zltor, Agabab, Melfig or Ruchs.

Yes, I like to spread myself around :smiley:


AND GASAN sfapfnoanfgaog

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