Mystery Box Animation - Gif Collection (warning - large post)

I think this would be completely fine if Boundless was a free to play title. (It’s pretty much what RoboCraft does)
But isn’t directly buying gameplay-relevant materials a bit too much for a full-priced game?

Imo it is. I thought it was just for skins…
If buying these boxes helps you progress faster than normal players I’m completely against them


Well, if the game where releasing at the $45-$60 range and had a subscription fee, I would agree that mystery boxes are a bit much. However, as instant access is only $35 (will 1.0 be cheaper still?) And there is no subscription fee, I don’t feel like mystery boxes are uncalled for.

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I have a feeling it will be more expensive because sony is backing them. No man’s sky was supposed to only cost 20$ before sony came ^^

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Which makes Boundless the by far most expensive voxel game.

Don’t underestimate the revenue of rented worlds.
Rust for example works similar in regards of worlds. It has some ‘official’ ones and plenty ‘community/rented’ ones. The only real difference being that the servers are not connected and that the community server are hosted by 3rd party companies.

And its server list looks like this:

(Screenshot taken just now)


No man’s sky is the most expensive voxel based game I know ^^

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There’s a big difference in the model, though: Each server in Rust implies a completely distinct set of player characters, economy, etc.

Boundless is more on the MMO side of the fence (your character persists across servers, and the economy is global). But this only holds true for official servers. It’s a strong incentive to not play on servers that are disconnected from the main universe.

I don’t think we can make assumptions about how people are going to play, given how different the models are

(E.g. I’m skeptical that there will be a similar ratio of community vs official servers. My hunch is that it’ll be flipped - vast majority of servers are official)


I agree. I believe the inclusion of items and links in the animation was because they’re actually being actively modeled/worked on whereas wearables aren’t quite there. So as always, don’t read too much into things, last we heard these are still for wearables only.


I thought I covered this with:


Anyway, I don’t see how this difference would have an impact on the “world-renting-behaviour” of players.
But you are right, this doesn’t necessarily have to be exemplary for Boundless, I just wanted to show off the official/rented server ratio as example of what happened in a similar scenario.

Any reasoning for that?
Because I think that, if the pricing is similar (~20.-/Month), the ratio will also look pretty similar.
Maybe slightly shifted towards official worlds.

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Boundless has the highest overhead costs of a voxel by far as well. I think the cost + (planned) content justifies the $35 provided that any future patches / DLC are bankrolled by server rental and micro transactions.

I never wanted to say that the price is unjustified.
Just that the use of “only” is questionable.


Ah, I see.
(memories of wayfarer entry come flodoing back)

My line of reasoning/assumptions:

  • Most players will start off playing on official servers
  • Player progression will be slow (e.g. MMO speeds - many many game hours to hit “end game”)
  • Rare resources/items will be …rare & time consuming to obtain
  • Most players will not want to lightly give up all that work for a fresh start on another server

i wonder because they have already made an animation like that and that was on vainglory and Pixel gun world,and unreal tournament

Isn’t that a good reason to rent a world…

…and bring the farmed stuff back to an official world?
Also, don’t you think this is a bit like saying “Players won’t play on other world than the one they spawned on.”?

… meanwhile … near the top of the thread … :wink:

Phrased as an uncertain question mind :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to think that the devs have already taken pretty much everyone’s concerns into consideration about not wanting ‘game-breaking’ items in these though, as it’s been voiced several times now.

Server rental-wise, I think they’ll initially see it tip towards worlds connected to the main universe… but after some time, and if a clone-character-for-use-in-non-main-universe option becomes available (possible revenue stream?), then it could well tip towards people wanting to play around more with mods - especially as there has been no real information about how modding will work, other than just hinting at being able to control world type and resource distribution etc.

Have you got a point of reference for those animations? I’ve not played any of those other than UT (which was a long time ago!) so not sure what you’re referring to!

I’d assume that going to a non-main-universe-connected world would be a one way ticket for that character!

Connected worlds would still use the same rule set as the main universe worlds (I think that was mentioned in James’ original post about the potential server possibilities).


'Was just replying to @Havok40k 's suggestion, not the thread in general :wink:

I think we’re talking about the ‘Official Private Boundless Servers’ (aka. rented worlds) since those are the ones generating revenue. (not the ‘self hosted servers’ where modding is going to happen).
And those are definitely not one-way travels:

Absolutely, but there is definitely less competition on private worlds. That`s the ‘good reason’ I´m referring to.


Ah I see! Misinterpreted the cause for the debate then … oops! :blush:

As did I! I was thinking self-hosted worlds

Sorry if I made that unclear.
I thought the fact that we talk about ‘rental revenue’ would make it obvious :sweat_smile: