Myth of the creator Part 2

After the titan died and the oortian technology revived him Dev broke out in sadness (cuz titans have feelings too) and the sanctum elder told him " why are you crying? you still have control of that meteor you rode on as well as the chizel," Dev replied, “I lost it. how can i still have control of it?” The sanctum elder told him " give that exoworld a great structure." Dev found his meteor mount and rode by the planet. surprisingly he made the great zigzag structures on Elerian 6. Soon Burst got angry at the creator and asked the bounty hunters: Leglag plika and the destroyer of Dev, Esi for help. Esi called his guild to march up to the exoworld and destroy dev while making the last one. Burst soon regretted everything she did and stole away their pay. they found out and quit. soon burst ended up making a new titan, identical to Dev to track down leglag, plika, and esi. Dev soon turnt off the oortian tech for them and they soon were trapped in the great oortian jail of exoworld SPARTAA-1 with no way to get out. Dev was grateful that Burst didn’t do it. Dev went to chizelling more worlds with burst in peace. meanwhile there was a family on an exoworld. still making those structures. Burst told them to leave. they didn’t want to. they liked building and didn’t want to join the empire. Burst called them to the oortian jail and asked them to make a cuttletrunk out of the remainding cells. they did while keeping them inside. Burst asked if they wanted to help out. They did. Burst gave the family of 3 some chizels. an umbris chizel for the father, a rift chizel for the mother, and a blink chizel for the youngling. The youngling didn’t know how to use it and ended up creating a blue meteor on the planet maryx (BAHAHAHA wait what?) it struck descendant of princess maude queenmaude and ended up creating the family curse of getting hit by a meteor. the youngling was exiled. he made a blue meteor for himself and made more titans. this time hostile ones that attacked on sight.he will one day get revenge for being exiled. the creator will be there to stop him and the ultimate battle will occur. the creator will find many trustworthy of the power and give chizel replicas to all. the power of creation will fill the oortiverse and all will be peaceful. after 1000 blinkyears, the centaurus race will come to bask upon the wonders of the oortiverse and will tame the spitters and all creatures that roam the oortiverse will be tamed as the oort did before.