Natural blocks and prestige

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I’ve just made two bridges over lava rivers on Lamblis so people could cross to the other side (there are lots of small settlements nearby). I also want to connect them with plots into a small settlement so I’d collect some footfall. The task is to make a nice good-looking passage while also gaining prestige with not too much effort.

The question is: does natural lava give prestige? Or I need to collect it and put it back to make it “built”? I’m thinking of making a long stone railing along the lava line (no access to power yet). If not, I’ll be better off doing a shorter path across the hill.

Thanks everybody for your help!

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Lava doesn’t give any pres Maybe just 1 havent really paid attention to liquid-prestige even tough i used it a lot in Terra Nova.


That’s weird water gives prestige but very little


lava does give prestige…just little i think like 4 prestige and @aspsnake you will have to remove and re-re-add the lava for it to be added to your prestige total, or anyone could just plot lava/water/blocks etc ,this would be a very bad thing if you could just plot an area and have the block/liquid prestige count
this being said using to many of the same block will reduce the prestige from that current block,so u might have it end up going from 4 to 1


Isn’t it also a factor that it has to be placed on a spot then where “originally” isn’t that liquid.

:grin: the mass amount of liquid placed I really don’t know :wink:.


that i don’t know I’ve never re-placed liquid blocks on their official spot


Could be you knew :wink:
Im placing liquid as esthetic if it where pres. Its meh what ever :grin:


If you were to clear out a lake and refill it but Only fill the top layer gives more prestige than filling up all the layers


well this means he has to place lava 1 block above the actual lava natural block right? this might work then
since adding lava does give prestige for example if you build a home and you add a lava river yourself the lava blocks would count towards your total prestige.


I just redid Ult Norky Hub took water away to build it but put water back after I was done it didn’t take prestige away - it but replacing it gave prestige but very little 32 plots only top layer of water after I subtracted it gave at least 3k prestige


Thanks everybody for your replies! In this case, lava is not worth it, stone railing and refined blocks it is :slight_smile: