Naughty Hunt Lodge

Hi everyone! I wanted to share the news that the Fireborn Hunt Lodge has changed ownership! We are super excited to take over this amazingly violet build and continue business as usual. We are still working out hunt schedules, but we are anticipating running hunts 5-6 days per week.

If you have shopstands that you run in the lodge, do not fret! Your stock and coin are safe and are still yours. Please visit the lodge and join the guild book so we can add you to the advanced locks for permissions on your stands.

If you are interested in being a Hunt Leader please contact either myself or @shortyd856 (Lorelie) and we can get you on the schedule. Also, if you wish to run hunts and would like access to the platforms please let us know as well.

Thanks for the support! Stay Boundless and see you on the hunt!


May i ask why this change was made?

It’s not relevant, really. Nothing nefarious…:blush: business as usual. :nerd_face::+1:


Aka the lodge changed hands following a heated hand of poker :joy:


first a mall now a hunt lodge. whats next… portal hub? hehe :grin:

A naughty hunt lodge, eh? :smirk:


At what times would the hunts be?

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Same time as always. We try to hunt most days at 9am pacific/noon Est. We hunt on the Naughty Nomad Xa Frant speed hunting platforms. Hunts will be hosted by either myself, Lorelie, or Darthpain. Also, Toke will be covering. :blush:

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I do not know what happened and it is not my business but concerning the mall, we made the decision to give it simply because it was close to illumi … so for us it made sense . I hope that all this is behind us and everyone plays in a good mood

No hard feelings everyone

Thank you all :slight_smile:


Nothing at all happened. The original owner has personal commitments which make it difficult for him to continue running it. We have a vested interest in the hunt lodge since we all host from the same platforms.

Also, DK’s Forrest is there and we are huge supporters of it… we want to do our part in the community to keep hunts going as well as a well used hub with so much cool stuff built around it.

Just like with Quebec Mall, we hope to be good stewards of what we have been so lucky to have entrusted to us. :blush:


peace … let’s have fun playing this great game


Me Go away for a week and Power-chan moved locations again D:


ahhh it’s for her that we didn’t have your visit


I visit you every day… I love your store :blush:


Power Chan is still Power Chan… we just got the baton he passed. :heartpulse: