Necessity System and Manure system

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We have some ideas …

One would be interesting to system Necessity such as:

Hunger: Eat something (some foods are poisonous)
sleep: Resting somewhere or log out.
Pooping / Pee: Anywhere or Toilet. (could be placed to facilitate a blur with animation or just a blur)
Wash: On the river, sea, lake, waterfall or shower.

And some other needs like a special need for each race as:

Aquatic race: swimming / diving for a while.
Hunter race: hunt certain number of monsters.
Miner: gathering Some materials and/or seling
Builder: building / getting near the buildings themselves.

and things in this line of thought …

Not meeting your needs:

Hunger: death

Sleep: Debuffs as slow.

pooping / peeing: pee / poop in his pants = stench, poor hygiene, attract insects / animals and diseases

Wash: even poop / pee

Another idea would be: pooping animals

Animals that eat grass just poop poop.

the poop would last a while, could they attract certain animals that would eat some of them like player poop.

Some animals would eat plants / minerals from their natural biome and defecate special / rare minerals. these animals could be tamed to produce these minerals on the farm by planting your own food and feeding him.

Larger animals like titans could also eat some of its biome and defecate rare minerals. this would cause some players do not kill the titan but try to pick up these minerals.

some plants could also produce rare minerals/fruits . these plants may be planted too.

These minerals / food " organic " could be dropped by plants / animals and stolen by other players. it instigate the creation of more developed and protected farms and increase the diversity of ways to acquire these materials.

That would make the game more difficult, interesting and stimulate agriculture, livestock and trade.

sorry for bad english

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Im sorry, before we advance, are you serious right now? or did you just want an excuse to use the word ‘‘poop’’ 11 times in one post?


whether it is a suggestion about pooping you want me to talk about cows ?

Sorry. what?

if i’m talking about a pooping system , you expect me to talk about what ? if you don’t like , bye :wink:

Welp, i will leave this one for the others, no matter how many times i read it i cant take it seriously. hope you get some nice feedback :smile:

I think You do not poop

I rather like the idea of getting a debuff if you do not sleep though i don’t really feel that emptying the bladder and and washing yourself should be necesary i think that would just get tedious in the long run.

The idea of animals and titans leaving manure around the place could be interesting if done right though. It could be used for fertilizer and maybe as burnable material if dried.


thanks for sharing Your Viewpoint, my idea is loose and open to be molded .

your idea is kinda like making it like the sims. Makes sense for some things, but I think the game is more focused on the RPG and Sandbox aspects. But some self care items would be cool

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Not the sims , just more realistic. but it is true that not everything is accessible , only ideas .

PLUS for Hunger, Thirst and need of sleep, may be also for need to be in water for a aqua race (if not nut unbalanced on desert worlds ^^) … MINUS for nature callings and the habbit-needs … I also dislike the death as a final result.Let it be a hard debuff (like 70% or just 50% max health with hunger and the same with endurance for thirst for example) :wink:

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Crops are planned so I’m guessing a hunger system is too. Not a fan of sleep system as I typically don’t play games to watch my character sleep. They can sleep while I do.

Also not really a fan of hygiene needs and consequences. Like @Jenndragonfly said, that feels too Simsy for an MMORPG. If you want, you can always roleplay it, but I don’t think it should affect everyone in this kind of game.


100% agree with this.
As for getting fertalizer/materials from creature waste, I think that’s a very feasible idea. I’d suggest a few differences to the idea you proposed, though.

  1. Not all creatures need to produce waste.
    Only tamed livestock should produce this. This not only adds additional value to livestock, it also helps keep the environment less cluttered. It has been hinted at that Titans might be artificial constructs, and as such should not produce waste.

  2. livestock waste should be useful as more than just fertalizer. It should also have use as a weak fuel source, and as an alchemy / crafting ingredient of some sort.

  3. waste should not occasionally drop rare materials. Rare materials should not come as a biproduct of other common tasks such as raising livestock, but of risky tasks such as exploring deep into the core of the planet, or combating titans.

  4. not something you discussed, but an important derail for this idea, waste should be represented in game as a “prop”. Waste should not appear on top of existing waste, and an area should only allow for a maximum amount of waste to appear per chunk. Additionally, waste props should fade or vanish after a period of time so as to prevent areas from being saturated over time.


I like and approve of all four points above

I wont´s say anything about the food/thirst/sleep system since those things have already been discussed in many other threads.

For the poop system:
I think it would be kinda odd to watch your character taking a dump behind a bush every once in a while. As @Jenndragonfly already said : something like this is perfectly fine for the Sims games but not for an RPG.
The same goes for pooping Titans. They are supposed to be dangerously looking creatures. Seeing said creature defecating before I (& my group) engage it would kinda destroy that image.

But I have to say that I like the idea of creatures that poop valuable stuff when they eat certain things. One idea for such a system could be fuel refining (for furnaces for example). Let´s assume such a creature would eat wood and one woodblock has a fuel value of 1. If you would give a wood block to such a creature it would “process” it for a certain time and after that it would “place” a block that has a fuel value >1. This would make quite an unique way of using livestock creatures since in most games such creatures are just used for food production. For the design of such a creatue I would have something like this in mind:

I have to admit that I fell quite in love with that creature while writing this, might even create an own “creature suggestion” thread for it :smile:


It’s also just a great incentive for people to play around with that game system! I like it

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I feel like I’m drawing a petal and you made a flower.I loved how each shared a more interesting and viable way to use some ideas.

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About sleeping:

I don’t think sleep would really be necesary but i rather like the idea of the for the charracter to have some downtime.

This would not mean that you should just stand still but something that restricts you from running around fighting and mining on a constant basis. This could be resources required to be consumed to get new energy or just do some less physically straining activities.

Minecrafts food system i s good example of this where you need to consume food more often when run. I think though that this could be taken further where you will actually have to stop up to eat instead of propping some meatslice into your face in a second(ish)

Actually instead of sleep lets called it a rest system.


Poop system.

The community has just jumped the shark :wink: