Need a construction guy again

I need some blocks moved.

Then if you’re still up for it I have a few more to be added.

I always feel like I underestimate my offers in the end so this time I’m just going to offer an hourly rate, say 35k/hour?

Let me know …

Hi there, is it a very huge area that the blocks need to be moved?

I need most of this marble moved up one block. Then there’s going to be a ceiling layer added under it.

It’s a couple thousand blocks.

wait me awhile, logging in now and check out the area

are u in-game now by any chance?

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Yes, come to raxxa and whisper Nightstar. If you come via TNT you’ll be on my build, but i have portals from the other hubs.

Hourly rate? Sweet, gonna move one block per hour. :angel:

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Hello did you find someone for this ?

Yes, thanks. @frankng took care of it for me.