Need a mass supply of Wayfarer’s Totems


Thanks! I found it


I don’t yet, but i’m willing to trade you for some whenever i’m on!


they are 3 tools in one. So they should not be worth just the price of a single titanium tool. and they are a privilege to make also making them worth a little more. I would hate to see them worth the same as any other tool and their value diminished because non backers want them to be cheaper. Or “sell them to me at cost because I want to make the profit off them.”

It’s a privilege to get to make them. They are actually harder to forge well, compared to many other metals. Far less flexibility.


I think they are worth 4500 all day long with no forging done to them. If others want to sell them cheaper that’s their prerogative. It cost me enough real cash for the honor to make them.


That’s a good point, I used to buy wayfarer totems back in December for 2000c, so I thought 1,500c is a good price due to the current price drop of titanium tools, and shops like pawn shop buying them for 1,000c each.

I haven’t seen any other shop selling them for more than that unless they were forged.


They are worth the materials it costs to make them and that seems to be the same as a titanium tool, which is how I see it. You, as a backer understandably think differently. But 4.5k for an unforged one is rather high, especially since it IS hard to forge well…


I’ve tried to understand pricing before, that I thought was too high. To say an item is only worth what it is made from, I found was a grave error. If you can’t get wayfarer totems, and no one sold them for under 10k a pop ever, you would not be getting one for under 10k. They were originally going for 13k+. So I’m glad to see them drop. Even though I can make them.

But nothing anywhere on any planet is sold for what it’s worth by its weight in resources only. Gold is only sold by the ounce if its just a piece of gold. If it’s a fancy crafted wedding ring, your paying more than it’s worth in resources.

A decent titanium toolx3 + rarity (hence the op desire for them in a thread)+ convenience of not carrying 3 tools and having forged effects to compliment your may hand, and whatever a wayfarer is willing to sell them to you so you can go and try to make profit off them is what they are worth at that time for you. But it won’t be a forever set in stone market value. For example, if all wayfarers were to say their tired of the game and quit except one. Then the price those totems are worth is whatever he put them up for. Anyone can make titanium tools.


If you give me the materials i can built them for you


I’m a pretty stingy buyer, here’s how I think of costs for items. Note that I rarely buy from anyone as a result lol.

First, I don’t see the recipe rarity as part of the price at all. Owning the recipe is already its own boon because you get to participate in a privileged market that others can’t possibly compete with you in. I price the recipe entirely on its utility, which is darn close to any other titanium tool. It gets a little bump in price because it gives you +2 pack spaces. That’s kinda cool but doesn’t fundamentally change my game experience. Maybe it saves me some warp costs to and from the portal hub every ten trips. So I’d price it at like 50c over a titanium tool.

I think most titanium tool prices are also too high. Alloys are all byproducts of gem farming or as easy to farm on Houchus as any other cave mining material. If copper/iron is 7c then silver/gold is 27c (20c for the difficulty mining, +7c for the recipe ingredients), and titanium alloy is 74c (20c for the difficulty mining, +54c for the recipe ingredients).

So 2.2 titanium alloy per titanium tool in a mass craft means the titanium component costs about 163c. By the time you add in the shimmering orbs and the other trash everyone has infinity of, and then a nice profit margin, I would expect titanium tools to be competitively priced around 500c-750c. I rarely see them that low because I suspect the only ones I see are the ones that have been sitting on the shelf for a month cuz no one is going to pay that price.

Actually that’s a cool idea… list how long ago the item in the shop stand was priced :thinking:


That’s pretty much my math for what I sell. Though you may be able to get things a bit cheaper than I can atm. I sell titanium tools for 750c a piece. I make a roughly 5% profit margin on them.


this topic start with someone need something and now you are doing calcs that had nothing to do with the topic

And if everyone pushes the price down so much, nothing at all has any value


I sell special items dearer than regular tools of same material as they are better. So iron tools I sell for 50 but iron fist is 100. Titanium I sale for 900 so I would ask 1100 ish for the wayfarer totem if I was selling them. I just think they are offering more than regular items and it’s fair to ask a bit more for them.


your calc is wrong i think

easiest example titanium alloy needs 1 titanium bar and 2 precious alloy
what cost the titanium bar in your calc ? 54c still the pre alloy ?

and what is with the price of my time and with the material what i need for collecting this material ?

did you ever buy as example a car in real ? no one can sell a car only for his material price.

if you drop the price more like this the only way to make coins is over footfall

@ any dev/mod pls split this topic, i think still since post 14 it is changing the content


Ok… Anybody here reliably get 3x3 AOE, loot and damage on these? I haven’t really been successful yet… Also tried using boon paste which helps but not quite enough.


But we can all make titanium tools rather easily, cars we can not make in real life. And yes, that this is a recipe we don’t all have because we weren’t around when we could spend actual money to get it does not mean it’s worth 3 to 4 times more all of a sudden.

Like a13o says, they paid real life money as a backer to be able to craft them themselves, they don’t need to buy them, they can craft them…