Need a mass supply of Wayfarer’s Totems


Anyone willing to make me some Wayfarer’s Totems. Let me know what you need and what you want in return please.


Why not regular totems?


You can forge nice all round tools with wayfarer totem.


Saint#3922 on Discord
Saint-X Ingame
you find my nearly the complete day on Imoco

Aquarius Network->Imoco than direct behind this Portal Olympus Portal Hub->Olympus HQ

i can build you wayfarer totem just need the materials

for mass

for bulk


Thank you I will contact you tomorrow. It got late in the day.


And I will contact you too if you don’t mind!

Some of these prices some shops ask are crazy high even tho it uses the exact same mats as any titanium tool!


just wondering for both you and @orrian, How much are you guys willing to spend for one wayfarer’s totem? :o


I’d buy them if they were down around the 1.5k mark


Price of a regular titanium tool, preferably a tad lower since I want to resell after all after forging them :slight_smile:


@Orrian your 4 mass finish in ~10 hours from now
@msa your 5 mass finish in ~3 hours from now


Oddly I have the Wayfarer totem in my knowledge list but it doesn’t appear in my workbench craft items list…what gives? I guess this is a bug of some sort, surely If I can’t craft it, it shouldn’t be in my knowledge list? I was under the impression that early backers could craft this ( I am)

Edit:OK, you can see every item without actually being able to craft it. Confusion then clarity once I was reminded of this fact!


For crafting Wayfarer’s Totem you need a minimum Backer level of Wayfarer like the name of the totem and you are only Explorer. That means that is no bug that you cant craft it.


Thanks saint


Anyone find a place that sells these? I don’t need many but got a custom order to forge them and can’t craft them (annoyingly since I never knew there were more backer packages other than what was on steam)
Just need to find a shop selling 1 atm. And it seems nobody is selling them.


Emporium Nocturne is selling them for 2950c
And several in Black Night for 4k.

Also, how many you need? They cost the same mats wise, sorta, as a titanium tool.

I met someone in game who can craft them, so I set up a seperate beacon with a workbench with rights for him, I stuff the mats in there and he starts the crafts…

Meaning, I can sell you some at cost, or the mats…


Thanks for the info, where is emporium nocturne located if you don’t mind?

I’ll set something up with someone that I can provide mats or services for the totem at some point but I just need the 1 atm. Thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:


Or if you want to sell me some I can do that as well. Just short on time atm and crafting ques are insufferable at times.


Ultima HQ, Finata, red shopping floor.

If you come from the upper floors where the hub portals are, it’s on the right, really big portal!


I’m selling for 1.5k if you’re still online. we can make a trade :slight_smile:


You have them in a shop stand? I can mark it down for later. But im getting off shortly