Need a shop that sells a sapphire shovel with very specific forge boons

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it needs:

Glow boon, (preferred level, 1+)
Damage boon (preferred level, 4+)
Critical chance boon (Preferred level, 1+)

I want to use this shovel in cave gathering on exos while hunting
If anyone forges it, Tell me the shop you sell it at.

I’ll do it in a couple minutes :slight_smile:


what shop is it at? or coords on planet?

I like this new tool. Im going to add it to my lineup.The Cave Diver.

Why not damage speed glow?

Interesting, I was unaware people had a desire for glow on non auto loot tools. I might dive into similar forging on my next round of forging for the store.

I like glow speed range on my grapples

When you say speed on your grapples, Do you mean Reel speed or Grapple flight speed?

Flight speed

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I also kind of like magnet speed speed for hunting as a loot stick. But I never hunt so I’m probably not the guy to ask.

This would make for a good topic. I started one.