Need Ancient Wood from Lutrion (Dark Red)

As the title suggests, I’m in the market for a TON of Ancient Wood from Lutrion (Dark Red). Lutrion is a tier 1 planet and the ancient wood spawns in forests of 1x8 to 1x16 trees in every cardinal direction from the Portal Seekers gateway. It’s super easy to gather. Normally I only page 1c per trunk but for now I’m doubling it to 2c per trunk and also throwing in a special that if you hand-trade me 5 or more smart stacks, I will add an additional 10% on top of what you would make at just 2c per trunk. If you’re worried about going farming because you think I might no longer need it by the time you’re done, fret not! I need, literally, hundreds of smart stacks of trunks for my build idea.

I have a request basket at Dhuskfall Markets shop off the Grovidias Te Portal Seekers gateway. It’s right in front of your face as you enter the shop. Right now there’s 30,000c budget but I’ll be putting more in tonight so if you get there and there’s no budget left, just ping me on Discord @Dhusk!



Bump for tower glory. Sold you about 3 smart stacks.



Hold my beer and watch this…
(12 more hours at work sry)

Edit- also not really drinking beer at work.

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I’ll see what I can do after I get home from work.

Hah no sweat!

Right on! Thanks. I’ve got a ton more rocks if you need as well.

happy to help on this one too :slight_smile: will do some tree farming tonight and find ya!

Awesome! Thanks.

FYI this is still needed badly! I got tons of turn-ins over the last couple days so thank you! I’m still in need of TONS of ancient trunks from Lutrion and am still paying 2c per trunk from my request basket at Dhuskfall markets off the Grovidias Te PS gateway!

Looking forward to seeing whatever you have planned

Just dropped four and a half smart stacks will come back if we get any more
Also may I ask what are you building?

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Thanks so much!

If you look up and too the right of the request basket as you’re facing it, that’s my build. It has 8 towers of Refined Ancient Timber that go from ground level to near skybox and two larger towers (one black and one white) that also go from ground to skybox. My shop is suspended between the two towers and you can see it if you look up between them. Above the shop will be my new factory which I’m building out now. I just completed taking 4 of the ancient wood towers up to my factory but I have 4 more to go and each one will take around 1500 Refined Ancient Timber to do and Refined Ancient Timber mass crafts at 288 > 50. I then also need a lot for walls and such around my factory!

That’s really cool I’ll definetly have a better look around.
going to make another drop now any way🙂

Do you still need some

I do. Just put a fresh 20K in the request basket.

Cool we will drop some more of at some point

screenshots please!

Right on! Will post some screenshots later today. It’s still very much a work in progress but I’ll get some cool shots up here :). FYI I still need more. Probably 10-12 more smart stacks and I’ll be done with this wood. Basically I have 8 towers built (as of right now) entirely out of Refined Ancient Timber from Lutrion. 4 of those 8 towers go from ground level (about altitude 80 or 90 or something and are 8 blocks X 8 blocks in perimeter. The other 4 are a little over half that height. I need to finish up those 4 that are to be a little over half the height so I’m guesstimating about 10-12 smart stacks as Refined is 288 > 50 :frowning: .

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I will collect some more tonight
But if you ever need some more natural resources @Dhusk just flick me a post happy to collect