Need building mats

Looking for some materials.
White and cool grey TANGLE!

I’ve got a lot of the other mats I was asking for now.
Thanks everyone for donating them. I built quite a bit last night too. But still a long way from Georgina’s nesting place.

Anything can help.

What it’s for.

Thanks :+1::beers::v:


Since I and many of us here in the community love your work I can offer you…

White (Tangle -10, Thorn -4, Growth -900)
Cool Grey (Tangle -5, Thorn -900, Growth -5)

free of charge since that’s your preferred price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also how do I get to your place :blush:

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YESSSS! :grin::raised_hands: tnt hub portals. Towers of power. Love that price too. :joy:
Or guardian network alder portal. Or city portal at ps bitula

Sweet I’m on my way… I do have more growth in white if you need another ss down the road and cool grey I can spare one more ss if needed… just pm me when you run out :slight_smile:

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Anyone know off the cuff of anyone selling white thorn or tangle? Until reading this thread I had no idea how I’d make my spider silk farm (unrelated to Halloween) and this seems perfect!!
After the OP has what he needs of course :wink: Since it was his idea!!!


I’ll get what I have together and drop it off to ya asap! :+1:

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I don’t think I have what you need Dough (O.O)

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I already was given a bunch to keep me going. Thanks so much to the people who already game me stuff.


@Mystfit feel free to have a look in person. The tangle is probably the best for webs. But the holes in the thorns look really good too. And the growth looks like spider eggs. No need to wait till I’m done. I’m 100% going to go way over board. Lmao. I’m sure I’ll be begging for more in a few days. :joy:
Btw white sponge on the current exo is great for webs too. :+1::beers:


Thanks so much for the inspiration. My spider farm has been on the back burner for awhile and you have inspired me!! I don’t figure I need much as it’s just going to be a small portion of my over all build…

/mumbles something about did I get sponge while i was there…

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I’ll probably go get more sponge. There was so much. If you need to hitch a ride there let me know.

I can contribute with 150 cool grey thorn for free that’s all I have.

Let me know where I can give you @georgegroeg

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I just had to let my dog outside. I’ll be back in a few minutes.
Meet at the towers of power on alder.

Ok already in place

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First of all, you are so sweet to offer to let me tag along. However, second of all, you suggestions of materials to use was so spot on that it imploded my brain making me completely forget my build is a purple build. So, I’d need purple versions of these ingredients…which I already have! :wink: It didn’t hit me until about 10 minutes ago…

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Note to self: Stay away from wherever Georgina is until she has been caught or blown up.

download (1)


So uhh, mostly asking this for me because I love exploring your place. Please can you put a giant “Don’t go here if you have arachnaphobia” sign, up? I fell into a spider hole the other day that someone made and I was not having a good time.

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It’s pretty deep into my base. You’ll see the spiders. Going into the hole they’re coming out is up to you. Nothing to fall into yet. Lol.


I had the pleasure of checking your new project out. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the gleam good sir. :+1::+1:

Pretty good on everything except the tangle. I only have 60 left. :cry: