Need gleam

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Need 2000 blocks of gleam is there any farms out there or suggestions


PS Hubs have portals to them, and if its T4+ planet, Fireborn has a nice network that starts in Till


If the color is not important go to kada i.

There’s so much cool blue there it’s nothing to pick up a few thousand without any regen bombs or anything.


kada I is practicly made of gleam.


Till has it everywhere also if you like purple


I really want white but I know there’s no farm of white


yea there is, fireborn network has white and PS hub has one


So if I’m at finta ultima guild where is that located


Go to Ultima Hub, up top of the HQ portals there is a portal to Grov Te Portal Seekers.
Go from Grov Te > Imdaari > Gyosha > Delta Cancret > Till.
On the egde of the hub youll see fireborn resource network


Ok thanks so much


White gleam is on Houchus I


Where is that located


Boundless maps (link below) has a network map of the PS system - Houchus I is in the top right-hand corner.

We have a portal from Ultima on Finata leading to Grovidas Te - than its just a matter of following the map. The gleam portal should be near the portal on Houchous I


I happen to have two bases on Houchus with white gleam around.
Mined 900 today for someone. No regen bombs. Just some jumping and grappling. Gets tricky sometime cause of ice and mobs can be annoying sometime but easy enough in general.


That was me


Haha lol. So you are sorted. :sunglasses::joy:


No I need 2,000 more


Omg you building gleam tower?

If you don’t get it somewhere else I will deliver later. Most likely 1000 tomorrow and then another 1000 the day after. Today not enough time.


Yes I’m building a store in angel 1 how much for each 1000


We will stick to 5k it’s not much more than full stack.