Need goo kernel

Does anyone have goo kernel that I can get

What kind/colors you looking for?

I want to make strong cobalt paint and gold if we can make gold

Can’t make gold. But you can try to find a shade of yellow/tan/sepia that might look about the same color as gold

Ok. I wish I could travel to a exo world to get some myself but I’m not able to

There hasn’t been much exo with cobalt colors or gold like colors so far. Goo only comes in the rock colors

Yea I want to paint storage blocks

I may be able to help you out with Cobalt and Gold-Type paints. How many storage blocks do you need to paint?

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40 total : 20 cobalt 20 gold

OK I’m just on a hunt now, would you like to meet up in about 30 minutes and I can make them for you

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I don’t have cobalt or gold unfortunately, but I do have some spare in warm and light blue… plus a few spares in some other shades, mostly purples and greens. If these will help, let me know, I can donate some kernels, hide a plinth somewhere and PM ya!