Need help finding items

i came back to the game after being away for a while. i found my self in abit of a pickle with the new patches not knowing where to find some items. in particular i need help locating places/biome where i can find shimmering orb and plants that drop fibrous leaves. thank you in advanced for the help.

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Easiest solution now is to make an atlas and then put the item you want in it. Use the atlas and you will see where things are.

Shimmering orbs are easiest found in cave systems on ring worlds. Fibrous leaves are easiest farmed from leaves on starter worlds (1/20 drop rate approximately).

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Al so pickup plants called “Dessert Sword” for fibrous leaves :+1:
They look like yucca plants :grinning:


Shimmering orbs can also drop as a very rare from growth blocks if your luck skill is high fyi