Need help with grouping storage idea 💡


I’m building my storage area and I am curious to see what others have built. Feel free to post a screen shot or send me a link to similar forum thread thankyou.


How big we talking?



My stone storage screenshots are a few posts down in the link above. Regular storage lines the outside of my workshop on a level above. Check it out if you’re ever in kindred bay on sorissi. It’s called Blue Magic. You’ll know it if you see it lol.



Screenshot doesn’t really do it justice. If you want to see more you can reach it from my mall shops, or my personal (Arkir) portal below the [PS] Grovidias Te hub. Its compact but efficient.


Here is what I have started so far
mini storage next to my machines for my main crafts

and here is the room that I have left I plan on going down and under the machines.

cant do anything to big so seeing how everyone grouped their items really helps me get an idea together


will definitely check it out


From Early access i did something like this and loved it.


Is he using shop stands for storage?


Yes. I use them too for some bulk storage, which you can see in my screenshot above. They’re under the shelves.


they are best for storage

use one block space and can store 14400 of the same item type in.

you use a lock on them so people cant open them or set a price so they can’t buy it.


I don’t know why I never thought of it.

I didn’t even know you could do that with locks.


My question is why lock them why not just set a high price on them and if someone walks in and buys your stuff well more coin in your pocket.


If you don’t set a price then they won’t show up at all for strangers. If you want them to show up, then just set the price at the max.


Why didn’t I think of that? Looks cool