Need input from other sculptors

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Thanks for the spotlight! Sorry I couldn’t give you a proper show-around when you saw me.

For those wondering, the large grid-like area is my farming project. I started this project suspended in the air so that creatures and the various plants could still spawn in the desert dune areas, as some of the main plants that appear there are Spinebacks, and I didn’t want to prevent such a large area from having them, as I’m sure it would affect more than just myself.

Each intersection will have pillars going down to make grappling across or up easier, but that’s the lowest priority in the project.

I can’t go into much more detail right now as I’m having a sort of afternoon brain fog, so will just edit this post later on.

Edit: Some more info; I named the settlement/region Silby Desert because it is a decent hotspot for Silver and Ruby, though there isn’t actually that much Ruby in Kol Huroo anyway.

I made the grid style layout because we don’t know exactly what farming will require in terms of land, water/lava and soil, and it may be that I don’t use all the space for farming as a result of that, but the grid layout allows me to choose whether which space actually has a farming module or something else; I plan to have some oorty looking stuff in some of those spaces but no definite ideas.

One of the grid areas is intended to be as a rising structure, but we’ll see, as it would take a lot of plots, so it’s mostly just in the phase of being an idea.

I’m also going to be trying to leave glass or open bits to let light shine down through to the dunes where possible.


Amazing work!!