Need input from other sculptors

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Hi everyone, I am creating a Cuttletrunk sculpture on my base and I’m doing it pretty much free-style.

Though I have generally accepted that I won’t be able to scale it proportionally the same way as the reference doing it in a free-style like this, things like the slope angle still bother me a bit, and that’s what I could do with some advice on, as I am having issues with getting it to be more accurate.

To be clear, I am referring primarily to the left-top side of the sculpture.

This is my primary reference, a local Mighty Cuttletrunk;

You can find extra pictures of progress and etc in a collapsible below. This is my sculpting build as it currently stands, right after I corrected a mistake with the top ridge you’ll see in the progress shots and I have only managed to get it looking a bit more rounded (vs square-ish) recently:

Progress Screenshots

Thanks for looking; I will appreciate any input from fellow builders/sculptors. :slight_smile:


I don’t have any tips, I’d just like to say that your sculpture looks awesome so far! Keep up the great work.


Looking awesome, I especially love that last photo of the progress shots :joy:

A tip I would say is you could find another shade of purple, if that’s even available, and use it in areas to give a ‘shadow’ effect - like around the eye and possibly underneath the head? If you can’t find a different shade of purple, try some different blocks of the same colour, as the difference in texture can sometimes make a block look darker or lighter :slight_smile:

Also another tip would be to unplot it all (when it’s finished) and give it to me. Please… :+1:


Yeah that looks sweet. You got the color down perfect too! I think the way you did the angle looks good, the massive scale averages it out

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I’ve got no tips, I’d just like to say this looks awesome and the local cuttletrunk seem to approve, too!

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Thank you all, I appreciate all the feedback. :slight_smile: It’s useful since as the maker I can’t think about it from an external perspective/point of view and I probably get a bit too stuck on detail.

I can’t take full credit for that, as all the brick I have in this tint (and other tints) was thanks to @ghandymarshall, though until I started thinking of this sculpture I had been unable to see any particular use for this tint. It just happens to match those local Cuttletrunks perfectly though.

Most of the purple/pink hues are difficult to put together with other colours in a way that looks good, I think. So this seems like a good use for them.

That’s a very good idea; I will probably play around with that, though I think I’d like to get the overall shape finished first, otherwise I may have to undo detail work. That’s part of the reason I have not fully chiselled the shape so far and have only been working on one side; if I make any mistakes, I’d likely have to fix them all the way round.


Keep up the good work! Looks awesome to me!

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AWESOME. I was totally making one too awhile back. But stopped half way. I should get back to it. I wasn’t completely happy with it. Maybe I’ll restart it. Can’t wait to see yours done.


Honestly, you’re already rocking it and it looks awesome!

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There’s a bit to be desired with the variety of chiseled blocks we have, but I find things are usually quite workable, especially when the scale is large like you have it. All I would suggest is to pay attention to the locations of the bumps and creases of the cuttletrunk model. If you get those in the right place it should be simple to fill in the slopes. Also try not to be too critical of your work.

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Also, sometimes while replicating something i find that simulating the true curves with the chisels slopes, while technically correct, just doesnt look good. So sometimes i go ahead and modify the boundless sculpture to try and capture the spirit. An example is putting 4 petals on the cuttle rather than 6. You can do that sort of thing a LOT and it comes out feeling right. So just be aware that duplicating exactly is not always necessary.

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Looks awesome one tip I can give is don’t wait to long to copy left side to right side that’s the hardest part :slightly_smiling_face:


You should definitely get back to it. :slight_smile: I really like what you did with it, especially the eye area and the top ridges. Metamorphic stones (?) was a good choice for texture, too.

Both of these will be useful to think about and remember, as I continue working on it. :thinking:


Looking great!

There’s another big cuttle sculpture out there too, I forget where.

WOW!!! Just… WOW! You. Are. Amazing! Keep up the great work.

What are the coordinates for that? I’d love to come check it out if you don’t mind.

(Warning: a bit off topic but still sculpture related)

So…anyone else think we should carve the devs faces into a mountain like on Mt Rushmore?


I can give you some specific coordinates/directions when I’m back on at some point later on. :slight_smile: But if you want to find the place before then, just go to Kol Huroo’s Ultima portal hub, and then go North, I think. It should be visible from the desert to the West…

Edit: You can come to 2100N -983E Alt 145 for general access or you can go to 2092N -903E Alt 127 for a more general view of the area.

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In my head canon, you’re going to open up a Cuttletrunk gift shop inside of it that sells cuttletrunk trophies and whatever they drop haha.

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Yep. I do.


Work still in progress, but looks awesome!) Very large scale project!)
NerArth, if you will need some help in boring mass chiseling or in any others works - just let me know)