Need some help (advice for a shop)

Me and my mates have been building The White House. We have done the outside and want to attract ppl there. A shop is what we thought but don’t know what to sell. What item would anyone recommend to base our shop around ?

If you do t6 3x3 hammers you will always sell them out quickly

Thank you I’ll look into that idea

If you sell all white items those usually sell pretty well and could be a funny little play on the “White” house.

You could put a portal in TNT hub too.

Low prices and high volumes always attract shoppers, like thousands of marble makes me think as a shopper that you might have a lot of colors so I want to check it out

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Thank you that helps a lot

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Ohh Yh that would be a good play on words

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Definitely this for any item that comes in many colors (marble, gleam, wooden objects, etc.) I go scouring the Oortian universe to find the specific colors I need to finish a project. (Or just to pick up a couple of hundred of something that strikes my fancy.)

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