Need some work done

Hey I’m looking for someone to place and chisel a few blocks for me. I want to finally add some stuff and this sort of building is not what I enjoy. I think I’m getting over the need to “do it all myself”.

Ijust need this continued for about 28 plots. There’s a cornering pattern, and I’d like to get the top of the tunnel there lined with leaves and a pattern of inset lanterns.

I’ll pay 50k for the road. I’ll provide the blocks and tools ofc. 75k if you do the roof of the tunnel the way I want it including some advanced chiseling - it’s not complicated and it’s roughly 11 plots.

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At work tonight and tomorrow morning, can slap a bit of chisel tomorrow night though :yum:

I’m available to do some work today or tomorrow (sat/sun) How should I find you?

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