NerArth's Cultist Fortress Exchange

First of all, COORDINATES and ACCESS:

Antar VI, -634 N, 200 E, Alt 98

From Trung’s Nova Golda Market (there are many ways to reach Nova Golda, but I know best TNT’s Trung portal and Ultima as access points) :

Screenshots for Nova Golda Directions

Go to Nova Golda, go downstairs in the portal area and find the 2x1 portal with a sign with my name on it; you’ll be at the place then.

NG Ultima Access :arrow_up:

NG TNT Access :arrow_up:

Alternatively, from Ultima’s main Hub:

Screenshots for Ultima Directions

Find the Antar VI portal at Ultima, go through, find Portal 5 then and you’ll be there.

The Fortress can now also be reached via Anterra Central on Antar VI

Screenshots for Anterra Directions

Also available on the outskirts of the fortress is a good Antar VI gleam [Weary Violet] farm spot. Simply go down the ramp from the shopping area, across the bridge and find the rock “clam”.

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Update: 12/12 No longer need Oort (thank you to whoever sold), but the following baskets below are still active and awaiting goods. :slight_smile:

Just about 100k in baskets:

New Section: