New aquatopian game lore with help off chatgpl

Moebius is an inventor and the founder of the city of Aquatopia, a place where the people, known as Aquatopians, are obsessed with the power of water. They believe that by studying and manipulating water particles, they can unlock secret powers and abilities. Moebius has always been fascinated by the endless possibilities of water, and has dedicated his life to unlocking its secrets.

One day, the Aquatopians discovered strange machine parts on their planet. After much research, they were able to use these parts to construct a machine that could transport them to different locations across the universe. The Aquatopians became excited at the prospect of exploring new worlds and discovering new forms of water, and Moebius was at the forefront of this effort.

However, as they ventured further into the universe, the Aquatopians became increasingly convinced that there was a gateway to a parallel universe, known as the Fifth Dimension, which held even greater secrets and powers related to water. They believed that this universe, known as the Age of Aquarius, was a place where water was worshipped as a sacred element and held the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. The Aquatopians became determined to find this gateway and unlock its mysteries.

As Moebius and the Aquatopians searched for the gateway to the Fifth Dimension, Moebius had a strange dream in which he was visited by a mysterious being named Dev. Dev told Moebius that he was the keeper of an ancient and powerful technology known as the “Pants of the Cosmos”, which have the ability to transport the wearer to any point in the multiverse. Dev told Moebius that he had been chosen to receive this technology and use it to bring peace and prosperity to the universe.

Upon waking from the dream, Moebius is convinced that it was more than just a dream, and that he has a destiny to fulfill. He becomes determined to find the Pants of the Cosmos and sets off on a journey to track down this mysterious technology.

As Moebius travels through the vast expanse of space, he encounters all sorts of challenges and mysteries, and must use his wit and resourcefulness to overcome them. But he is also aided by the guidance of the Boundless, a highly advanced civilization that once existed on his home planet. The Boundless were a race of beings who had mastered the art of interdimensional travel and had built incredible machines that could transport them to different realities and dimensions. However, one day, a catastrophic event occurred that caused the entire civilization to vanish without a trace.

Despite the challenges he faces, Moebius remains determined to find the Pants of the Cosmos and bring them back to Aquatopia. The Aquatopians have been waiting for the arrival of these special pants for generations, and Moebius is convinced that they hold the key to unlocking the full potential of water.

As he searches for the Pants of the Cosmos, Moebius becomes increasingly convinced that the Boundless did not truly disappear, but rather, they found a way to transcend the boundaries of space and time itself. And he becomes determined to follow in their footsteps and uncover the secrets of eternal existence, including the mysteries of the Fifth Dimension and the Age of Aquarius.

chatgpl is crazy this took like 2minutes just told it a few things about the game
and it took off then i told him to add funny pants part and in improve some parts etc
thing was written under a second imagine what someone could come up with using it for hours on end you could probably write the full book with in 4days if you wished lol
@Tiggs if you need lore just use it for 4hours job done :smile:(gonna get some hate for this prob lol)


I was fairly certain that the ancient species was still called Oortians, we were called Citizens, and Boundless was just the name of the universe. All up to interpretation still though I guess. Enjoyed the read, I like reading and writing little stories for this game, I wrote a few on here myself.


I enjoy some good lore. So thanks for that. SPACE PANTS! Lol. That SNL skit popped up on my YouTube the other day. :rofl::+1::v::beers:


The two two small musical extracts are very significant, thank you for this moment of escape! :stars::cherry_blossom::st_martin::pray::seedling::ear_of_rice:


Frankly, I love his definition of Bondless, I just arrived on this forum, and take advantage of my response to this post to introduce myself and give an opinion in relation to my experience on this game:

So I’m 3vi7M4sk and I have 710 hours of play.
I bought Boundless a long time ago but have only been playing it for a short time, about 4 months, my departure from Dzassak was long, the time to have a few resources to advance and gain experience, and above all to unlock the diverse and varied technologies by easily gaining experience :slight_smile:

Not finding anyone on this world, and especially having found an open hub because to flush out the entrance to the one in the capital, it’s almost mission impossible, I spent hours accessing it the first time :-1:

From there I found out what those purple icons at the top of my compass were for, and the power of those portals described by chatgpt.

I continue to learn and build some technologies by collecting more resources and creating an underground base, with great difficulty because my fights against the hostile fauna of this planet are very difficult for me but I persevere, I discover the oortstones by fighting the meteorites, I buy tools and forged weapons with this magic Centraforge that I covet so much, struggle even more to have these very rare trophies in order to build all the potions necessary to use them correctly, I make myself a second character and level up to use the Centraforge to its full potential…
A very long-term job :hot_face:

Besides, I hope to be able to sell some with very good statistics and learning is still long.

On the other hand, in the definition of Boundless invented by chatgpt, I have not yet encountered this implied water which would be the secret of these magic portals, or else perhaps the Ichor of meteorite which I have not yet never got.
I don’t even know its use, maybe in “creative bridge conduit”: smiley:

But speaking of chatgpt, I would see it well integrated into the in-game chat and we could ask it where to find such and such an ingredient or such a color of any block, where to buy a weapon or a tool with specific or similar skills what we’re looking for, wouldn’t that be a good idea?

NB: Sorry if I wrote in my language but I wanted to make myself understood correctly, because a translation is never exact.

Franchement, j’adore sa définition de Bondless, je viens d’arriver sur ce forum, et profites de ma réponse à ce post pour me présenter et donner un avis en relation avec mon expérience sur ce jeu:

Donc je suis 3vi7M4sk et j’ai 710 heures de jeu.
J’ai acheté Boundless il y a fort longtemps mais n’y joue que depuis peu, environ 4 mois, mon départ fut long de Dzassak, le temps d’avoir un peu de ressources pour avancer et gagner en expérience, et surtout débloquer les technologies diverses et variées en gagnant facilement de l’expérience :slight_smile:

Ne trouvant personne sur ce monde, et surtout ayant trouvé un hub ouvert car pour débusquer l’entrée de celui de la capitale, c’est quasi mission impossible, j’ai passé des heures à y accéder la première fois :-1:

De là, j’ai découvert à quoi servaient ces icônes violet en haut de ma boussole, et le pouvoir de ces portails décrit par chatgpt.

Je continue à apprendre et construire quelques technologies en amassant encore des ressources et en me créant une base souterraine, avec bien du mal car mes combats contre la faune hostile de cette planète me sont très difficile mais je persévère, je découvre les oortstones en combattant les météorites, j’achète des outils et armes forgées avec cette Centraforge magique que je convoite tant, galère encore plus à avoir ces très rares trophées afin de construire toutes les potions nécessaires pour s’en servir correctement, je me fais un deuxième personnage et le monte en levels afin d’utiliser la Centraforge à son plein potentiel …
Un travail de très longue haleine :hot_face:

D’ailleurs, j’espère pouvoir en vendre avec de très bonnes statistiques et l’apprentissage est encore long.

Par contre, dans la définition de Boundless inventé par chatgpt, je n’ai pas encore rencontré ce sous-entendu d’eau qui serait le secret de ces portails magiques, ou bien peut être l’Ichor de météorite que je n’ai encore jamais obtenu.
Je n’en connais même pas son utilisation, peut être dans les “creative bridge conduit” :smiley:

Mais en parlant de chatgpt, je le verrais bien intégré dans le chat du jeu et on pourrais lui demander où trouver tel ou tel ingrédient ou tel couleur d’un bloc quelconque, où acheter une arme ou un outil avec des compétences spécifiques ou se rapprochant de ce que l’ont cherche, ne serait-ce pas une bonne idée?

NB: Désolé si j’ai écris dans ma langue mais je voulais me faire comprendre correctement, car une traduction n’est jamais exacte.

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Pants. In Boundless. Boy, that sure was some dream! XD

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