New Art projects , Show your talent ;)

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The start of something new …Oorty is watching …


I spy a cuttle eye? :heart:

You’re making me want to learn how to crochet!


You spy correctly :grin: will update here as I progress


Thats nice^^ falen in love^^

Did u use pattern from something els or is it own design?
Asking because a Sackboy (little big planet) could be used for the pattern to. Love your doll and can’t wait to see what you make next😉

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Freestyling it for now … will see depending on the shapes needed if i use any patterns. :grin:

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Thats the best way to just freestyle it^^😉

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this is amazing !!! need to show it to my wife/ shes also into crochet and nitting

This is so cute

@Trickyy90 you may have been one upped haha

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Heyyy :frowning: my Oorty is awesome!

Though this is absolutely amazing I agree! :clap:
I need to make something else now, challenge accepted :see_no_evil:
But what should I make?


One-up Wonderstruck and make a titan

Haha sorry couldn’t resist


haha , your Oorty inspired me to start crochet again ( put it down for years and just picked it up again :slight_smile: )
And it is without a doubt awesome !

If you are handy with clay maybe try one of the totems in concept art ?
I really like those and can’t sculp to save my life haha :slight_smile:


Make a growth block cube shaped pillow!

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Like this? :smiley:


@Hashmalash “show my wife” be a “man” and start crocheting your self :wink:.

All in fun and jokes^^ can’t crochet my self because I don’t have time for it need to play boundless :rofl:


Pic fail btw

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Fixed :slight_smile:

Sjieke dinges :slightly_smiling_face: I hope you look into the enemy’s aswell would love to see that goe bezig

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Was thinking more like this

The other kind of totem :slight_smile:


Ahh i see i see!
I was thinking of making either a slingbow or grapple next from clay.
Plushie wise I really want a level 1 hopper!! But I terrible at sewing anything round hahah!

Between us we shall make them all @WendyVandecatsye :blush:


I like that :smiley:
The hopper is for after the cuttle trunk :slight_smile: round is easier in crochet, the roadrunner will be a challenge though … never done triangle chapes before

I am a real roadrunner fan , they so pretty !

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