New Biomes!


Hi everyone,

tldr: New first pass earth-like biomes. Alien ones will come later.

Today I would like to share what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. We have been aiming to produce a set of biomes that are earth like in nature to create our first couple of worlds. We will be making more alien and unique biomes however, we want to get the basics sorted first. Pretty soon they will be available in our GitHub repository so you can take a look at them in the world builder yourself should you wish.

We have also been focusing in on how players will build their own worlds. We imagine players selecting the biomes they want in their world from a simple list and then being able to adjust certain features of each biome. Example: adjusting mountain height in a mountainous biome. In addition we add biome weighting to each biome so that players can increase or decrease the frequency of a biome in a world. At this stage we also hope to add caves and strata in a modular fashion which means you will be able to choose exactly what type of caves and strata you want in each biome. This is all subject to change and is only initial ideas, it may not be possible.

Mixture of swamp-like biomes:

Mixture of arctic biomes: (ice is a bit blue…)

Mixture of desert biomes:

Mixture of rainforest biomes:

As stated before, you can send us your biomes via email if you would like the chance of having them used in the game.


Thanks for taking a look, any feedback would be much appreciated. Look out for more biome updates in the future!!!

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You are such an awesome team. Can’t compete. And the WB-tool and the game is so great so far and I did not even dwell to deep yet.
What I really look forward to in a Biome are natural landmarks which seem to be unique (size, shape, colour), like for example a very tall mountain which seems to be holding the firmament like a pillar. Or a very, very deep lake. Or the colour of water which could subtly glow at night in a blue tone.
Rivers and streams!
I’d be very fond of being able to set landmarks in the world builder at “strategical” locations, in a way locations which are not generated via tool but rather more or less roughly defined by the player.


Awesome biomes cant wait to explore em


Boundless early had a problem with unicode characters. Does not Worldbuilder have it?
I have a problem during files loading with following error message:

No one file was loaded. Please, help.

UPD: And can not save too


You can probably work around it if you make the entire path it’s complaining about there - a bit annoying, but hopefully will get you unstuck


The ice was very blue lol but it looks really neat tbh.


Nice! Can’t wait to see my idea built in the WB btw :wink:. I’ll add these things to the archive.


It’s not a directory, where Boundless installed. It’s a fundamental path to Application Data of user, and I can only change user name to latin characters (“DamTerrion” instead of “ДамТеррион”). But I must reinstall OS if I want to change user’s directory name, how I understand it.


Yeah, that’s true - but I don’t think you need to change your own user name.

You should be able to manually create a “86AD~1” directory (and the rest of the path) under C:\Users\. If you copy the existing world builder configs into that directory, it should allow you to save/load configs from there.

Not great, but I think it’ll work

Hopefully this pathing bug just gets fixed though :stuck_out_tongue:


I try to manually create directory “86AD~1”, but Win7 speaks me:

The destination already contains folder named “ДамТеррион Лимарский”.

@James, I’m sorry what I fill topic about biomes with discussing about my problem. Please, move my and corresponding @nevir’s posts in new “Support” topic if it unnecessary here.


Oh! Damn :frowning: Then yeah, I think you’re going to want to wait for the devs to fix this :frowning:


I will use another PC for that. There my wife’s user has name “User” :sunglasses:
Thank you for helping!


Ha! She’ll never know :stuck_out_tongue:


Just responded to the pull request on GitHub - these look fantastic!

And for those following along; I attached some quick screenshots and brief thoughts about each of the biomes (there’s a crap ton of them!).