⏩ NEW Build: Rock -> XP Room (Super Efficient)

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I was tired of running up and down back and forth from my Chests to my Crafting Tables and from my Crafting Tables to my Refineries turn Rock into XP.

Plus, a load of crafting tables atop my base looked awful. So I decided to see what I could do to make a room which was dedicated to those 2 tasks. But I also wanted to make it as efficient as possible (minimal character movement, the items come to you, easy item retrieval from the Crafting Tables to the Refineries etc.

So here it is (bare in mind, I chose to make it this size because it matches my play style, I’m not a miner so don’t have thousands of SS’s of Rock!) hope you find it interesting:

PS. If you wanna support my YT channel and be the first to see when I upload a new creation, a subscription would be awesome :fist: :boundless: -> https://www.youtube.com/ovisgaming?sub_confirmation=1


Yes, with zeal bonus it goes over 200k xp.

I would play with it shooting back at you so much lol

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Great design as always @ovis!

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@FayaAOP - Is it 200k worth of exp per pie? As the increase is 44% with makes 70,000 go to 100,800 (201,600 but it doesn’t seem like it does that much, at least not always? Might just be accidentally collecting xp somehow

@BabyCookie I have idea of something fun I could build you

@DKPuncherello Cheers brother :fist:


Yes, allways 200k+. Given max zeal.

Lit, thanks for that :+1:

Wow @Ovis , those funnels are AWESOME. great work!

I love how every step is thought out already.

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Cheers mate, I appreciate it! About three A4 pages of plans went into it :smile:

Nice idea. I like how you used lattice to block stuff.

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Thanks Buugi! Pretty happy with it too :smile:

Ditto this, great stuff as always, always look forward to seeing what you come up with! :smiley: Our community is just so talented and clever!! :slight_smile:

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You’re awesome Paka, ‘Positivity Paka’ :smiley: Thank you!

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Thanks - this community really helps me to stay that way though tough times!! :grin: I will support you all however I can!

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We appreciate you! :fist_right::boom::fist_left:

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