New Chat commands`

This is the craddle me to sleep position aka /Craddle

This is the Fist bump me Bro aka /Fistbump

This is the Me! Me! Me! Pick Me Teach!! aka /RaiseHand

This is the laid back arm aka /Chill

What? you got a problem? Come at me bro! aka /Buck

You my next victim aka /Mark

give this post a heart if you liked. Just been messing around lol


lol, yes we need way more emotes


Where can we find a complete list of the chat commands we have up to date?

not sure if it lists all of them, but defo most of what we have:

EDIT: ah, ok - just quickly from memory I can see these are missing:
point right
point left
point up
point down

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There is also someone who has a long list of commands on steam try there

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Still up to date, there were no additions since than.

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