New city I found great for new players

So I found a great city for beginners like me it is called demacia
It can be reached by going through the sorrsi portal at tnt then going through the portal there that’s called demacia then build there


So the Sorrsi Portal…

But which network or where is this portal located.

Because there are several Portal Networks and its probably a puzzle when the Network isn’t as well connected.

(Should edit that :wink:)

nosey and curious to go and see but don’t want to waist to much time away from building

Lol thought I said tnt

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If you didn’t edit my bad as i see it now (completely missed it :wink:)

I’m curious…really…not being sarcastic. What makes a city good for new players?

It has good access to portals and is small so you can build as big as you want and it’s on a low level planet so no worry’s about animals ect

Gotcha :slight_smile:

Boori has a great city too. It’s so quiet. Need some more players here.:partying_face:


If only we could flag other people’s ads so our ads are better :joy:💁:wink::wink::wink::shushing_face:

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the best city is in the future somewhere…no really people can build around the mall and connect to it
i mean what else do you want?

portal access points
free portal from your settlement to the mall
free maximized footfall due to your settlement being connected to a great city (mall)
access to the mall on the go

note: this is not another advertisement

yes it is


Can we really build on The Future, like ugly square minecraft sheds?



just you :wink:


Yes but do we really want to ruin the mall just build a shop there so much better :wink: