New Code of Conduct Released!


Hi everyone,

We’ve been really pleased so far with how the Boundless Community has been conducting itself in game and on the Forums/Discord. For the most part we’ve seen a lot of players helping others, people teaming up to build awesome Settlements and lots of constructive discussions going on.

There are of course some exceptions to this, which is completely normal for any gaming community. So to help keep everything ticking along nicely we’ve created a new Code of Conduct, which should help to clear up any potential issues in the future.

You can have a read through in our FAQ category right here - Boundless Code of Conduct




Ok, so if I didn’t break this code but I’m banned a long time ago in alpha because <edited by Steggs - stop personally naming mods in posts like this> doesn’t like me can you force him to unban me?


Wait a sec, something in the policy needs clarification, “digging out the ground beneath a player beacon”. Are you referring to some one having access to the players plots and digging out the ground to cause damage, or digging below the claimed plot area. Please clarify


Beneath the player beacon, not inside, so the latter. It doesn’t mean you can’t dig “reserved” unplotted areas, it just means avoid digging directly beneath a beacon because of the risk of disrupting the player’s ability to enter and leave its beacon. It also mean, don’t hollow out so that the player would take massive fall damage if they would unassumingly remove one block of the lowest layer of their beacon…

Though, deliberately damaging another players beacon you have access to isn’t something you should do either. Personally I think it is vaguely covered by the statement:


TY for clarification, but a new issue needs clarification, you say “Don’t plot around, or wall in someone else’s plots.” Well what about people who were part of a community, but then left, and forgot about the plot+ beacon? Are we at fault because they left and can then claim griefing, or are the community members left behind ok to keep building? Please clarify as this is affecting the community I play with.


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