New color ideas

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I have some more color ideas. These new colors range from Ultra Violent to Infra Dead.

Some of these colors include Liver Purple, Loathsome Lialiac, Matter yellow, Burnt Hombre, and Gan Green.

P.S. - This is reference to something, If you can guess that you will get a cookie


Are those terrible hair dye color ideas?

no… just really bad colors

I just want Luminous Orange


I read these colors, I think decomposition.


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Cookie - Wikipedia

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I had to look it up - I read those books in high school like 20 years ago, so I guess that’s all leaked out by now. I should probably add that to my list of things to read.


I love the idea of having the names of those colors, especially for a Halloween event

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Yea same here, but the colors need to be GODAWFUL

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I agree as well lol