New community site live!

The new community site is now live… You’re in it now!


Lookin’ good :wink:

20 character minimum is a bit silly, though

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That’s really easy to change, I thought it might be a bit short too…


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Awesome! Out of curiosity, what forum software is this? It seems completely unlike the “usual” solutions (IPB, VBulletin, Xenforo) in the way that it behaves. Dynamic content updates, and I can navigate away from the thread without losing this reply dock!


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It’s a super rad new thing called Discourse (with some extra special sauce from us for sign in).

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wonderful :heart_eyes:

Thanks :grin:

Looks much tidier than the old one. Nice work!

Looks very nice, good work!

The purpose of a 20 character minimum is to discourage short responses (such as “good”, “+1”, “yes”, etc) in favour of users using the heart like button. The system can then use the like actions to better understand and promote liked posts and their users.


Very dynamic and fluid, allows for quickly seeing new responses and threads
simple and effective

I love it! One thing that I have noticed though, and I figured this would be a good enough place to mention it, is that when you are looking at a persons posts from their profile page the little faces in thier posts show up as [smile].


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