New Constructions


Just wanted to start a new topic, this one based around new bases or builds going on within the realms of boundless.


Wonderland is a new settlement that is steadily growing everyday come by and say hello and check it out


Some useful info to include would be planet and coordinates at the very least?

Maybe some instructions/directions on portal connections.

I would like to come see what you have going but have no clue where it is. :wink:



That’s what I’m working on at the moment, of coarse after the gleambow event passes.


Swarm of the Oortians, in Dzassak
Portal on the top floor of Ultima aqua hub on Finata
loads of good shops, and cheap too!


It might look like a combination of rainbow barf and unicorn farts thrown together in a blender, but doing a lot of work on mine lately - Elysian Fields on Alder, connect through TNT, Kindred Bay, April’s, Sasquachville, or Mom & Pop’s.

I put in a pool deck with a diving board, slide, and locker room. It doesn’t look great but surprised by the lack of pools in settlements - what’s a good house without a pool? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Right now, I’m working more at expanding underground, since I do a little better making chambers and tunnels look interesting than in building regular buildings, I think.

Of most interest to others - shopping. Trying to encourage visits with low prices and freebies. Tons of free rocks near the main shopping, but exploring will reward you, as I stick stuff elsewhere too, like the building Charon Share Alike, where I dump random giveaways.

There are two long-term projects I’m sort of toying with, won’t get to for awhile probably though. One is an underground labyrinth. Maybe have freebies at the end with the portal out, just would have to place the portal somehow where you can’t get back in easily. The other is making a slide going straight down to the mantle.


We Have a huge portal in center of ultima hub labeled wonderland can’t miss it tier 3 coal planet


Does anyone know how to post a screenshot from ps4 on here.


Start a private ps community, post screenshots on the wall there, and then download them through the ps communites app on your phone (or via the website, i assume. Only ever used my phone).


I send ss to another acct and use the msgs app to pull em to my phone.


What I do is send them directly from the PS4 to my Twitter account, then save them.


Constructing a temple on a new world, and slowly rebuilding the order in this new galaxy.