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Boundless Theme Park??

Hello I’m Ovis, I am a content solely focusing on Boundless, I will be making Tips & Tricks, Guides and General Lets Play videos covering building, hunting and exploring the many planets of Boundless!

I have uploaded my first video, which is the begining of a very interesting Theme Park style build, a build that I am calling Oortland! (name subject to change). The theme park will be fully functional, not just builds that are nice to look at, but builds that are fun to play on. In this video we go over my ideas as I prepare the area for these exciting builds!

So if you fancy a climb, swing or slide, come down to Oortland!

Location: Arie -1329N 976E (South of 2-Bit-Town)


Really well done! I love how you split it up into clips and sped up the playback. I never knew about the textures on the blocks being directional, that was a good tip. I’m looking forward to see what else you come up with in the future and good luck with Oortland.

Hi cjmarsh, thanks for the feedback and support, i really appreciate it!
I can’t wait to get really stuck into this game and create something the whole community can enjoy!

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It’s funny because I literally thought about making one yesterday then i changed my mind because i realized how much work it would be lol. Good luck i’ll keep my eye on yours and live vicariously :joy:

Hi Venom!

You are 100% correct, this is a lot for work! I’ve genuinely spent about 14 hours just hammering away at Igneous Rocks :joy: I am certainly happy for you to live vicariously through me! Hope you enjoy what is yet to come!

Very well presented (you have a voice made for presenting such things! Very soothing :slight_smile:)…
look forward to next installment.

Hey catfud!

Hahah thank you very much, my my voice is the main thing I’m worried about :joy: But i’m flattered you like it! It will be coming later on today, just waiting for the servers to come back up to get the rest of the footage!