New Contest Type: Weekly Minibuilds

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I’d like to start a new weekly building competition. We already have the Worldbuilder Competitions, which are great – this is about making a cool, small build in less than 7 days.

The Weekly Minibuilds will have a variety of themed prompts meant to inspire and challenge you. Vote on which you think we ought to do first!

  • Movie Sets
  • Favorite Game Tributes
  • Modern Architecture
  • Waterworks
  • Parkour Courses
  • Airships
  • Restaurant/Tavern
  • A House for @ben
  • Comic Book Tribute
  • Guild Jail
  • Archery Range
  • Sparring field
  • Goblin Bank
  • Haunted Lighthouse
  • Football (soccer) field
  • Amazing Bridges
  • Steampunk Oil Rigs

• No large-scale builds; towns, castles, mines, world trees, etc; nothing that takes lots of time and planning. Minibuilds are smaller, faster builds, meant to get you to try something different.
• Everyone, everywhere is invited and welcome to participate.
• Collaborating could be allowed, what do you think?
• Voting will take place on Sundays by adding a poll to the contest thread; entries will be listed in the order they are received, new screenshots may be submitted until the deadline (let’s say Saturdays at midnight).

• I have no idea. Maybe we make a new forum badge/achievement? @james?

Sign ups will not be necessary, but could I get a show of likes if this sounds like something you’d participate in?

Edit - Could I get a mod to turn the list into a poll? It wouldn’t let me. @james @ben :grin: thank you


oooooo! i love this idea! Where will it be? one world or whatever world we are on?

I don’t think I’ll participate every week, but it does sound fun :smile:

No world restrictions – build on any world you like. Protip: choose the world that makes the best setting for your build! :smile:

i am up for anything rpg related no future/modern day stuff they always look bad on these games