New Decorative Plants & Exotic Earthyam Bulbs at 250C for sale at Lion's Den in Gyosha Mall


I put a couple of different colors of each new decorative seed up for sale on the 2nd floor. I wasn’t really sure on pricing since they’re so new.

Gyosha Mall
Store # 132
The coords are: 1656N, -986E.



I just put 150 Petrolim for 500C each. I think that’s a good price, but I’ll drop the price in a few days if it doesn’t sell.

Gyosha Mall
Store # 132
Coords: 1656N , -986E

Plus other random farming stuff!


Over 300 Exotic Earthyam Bulbs (seeds) for sale for 250C each.

Plus other random farming items.

Gyosha Mall
Store #132
Coords: 1656N, -986E