New DK Mall Hub

With the first phase of the new DK Mall hub nearing its conclusion I am going to start allowing portals and shops to open. We currently have a lot of portals ready and 32 shop spots give or take a few depending on how large of shop you’d like. Currently we have 3x3 shops, 4x3 shops and I could divide a 4x3 shop to be 2x3 if desired.

With that said, the new hub sits lower than the original mall allowing you to make your shop higher than the original mall and as before you can build as far down as you’d like.

If you would like a portal I will be online as much as possible and I can hand out some tokens.

I need to get the TNT portal moved and I need to see about GTG, RTG, La Familia and a few of the other large portals getting moved soon too.

Please reach out to me. I’m on discord too.

Portal to the new hub is below.


@Redlotus let me know when your on! Ill meet you at the HUB ill be on all day

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I’m there now, really nice build!
I’ll take a spot if you don’t mind? :slight_smile:

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Looks like we are all settled @SilverSunn if you need anything else let me know!

@Itzmeginger23 Im in the new hub if you need a portal

@Redlotus on my way

Just to update. I created the new hub so that we could condense the mall down into a more manageable mall and allow shops to be closer to the hub. I am in hopes anyone who owns an active shop in the mall will move their shop to the new hub as all the portals will be moved there soon.

If you should need anything just let me know :slight_smile:


I think that this post would go better in #creations and not #general. Should I change it to be
Creations instead of General?

Sent you a message on Discord. We’d like to move our shops and portal if possible.

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We’re do I put Baby :cookie: shop (Q.Q)

Boom Boom Smaky Smaky store is up Mwahahaha I don’t know how your doing the road I change my ground if it’s different @Redlotus