New Doors Concept Art

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Hello! Following on from the prestige system and progression of materials, we have come up with ideas for ‘door’ sets. These would also follow the current construction system where they’re able to extend in height, or use as simple 1x1 shutters.

Weekly Dev Update: 2017 August 11th to September 29th - 2 Months of Toil

Looking good as always! I really like the metal doors


looks awesome love to see everything <3


the gleam beads are a cool concept!




I really like all the doors. I like the faces worked into the stone doors. This would work well when building a ruin or temple type structure.


Wow…I didn’t even know I wanted more door options until seeing this😍


@Minyi great work as always! Everything looks awesome, those wooden ones with leaves are gonna be awesome.


I’ve added all of these (frankly refreshing) door designs to my archive. I’m also excited about the possibility of offset door heights, like @Havok40k pointed out from an earlier concept. I wonder if we will have the tech to pull something like that off. Anyways, thanks for the update @Minyi!


These are BEAUTIFUL. I might have to build my next house entirely of doors O.O

The face ones are my favorite. Also the wooden ones with the diamond and the stripey metal and the stylin beaded gleam curtain. And okay just everything.


OMG I love the Gleam ones, How soon? :star_struck:


Is there any time-plan for when all goodies (swinging doors, fancy fences and all the beautiful props) are hitting the universe?


Hopefully soon but I don’t have control over that!


@Minyi Just wondering if “Soon” has a tentative date attached to it yet? I think these decorative items along with signs will be one of the more important content updates for the game :smile:


I honestly wouldn’t be able to answer but I’m sure they’ll be out before 1.0 xD