New epic hub! (Finata) - Looking for founders on the outlying planets!


Nope! pencil & paper… but am trying another sprite utility to see what else I might be able to create :slight_smile:


hey let me know what ya find i want to do something crazy on the massive floor off guild sanctum a sprite sounds cool :smile:


Updated available planet portals.


The planet so nice they named it twice :yum:

Edit- also; regardless of reasons, love the look


Oops, will fix that!


Still looking for some of the planets! Please check the OP for the updated list :slight_smile:


Wish I had known of this a few weeks ago before I packed up my hub in the making and moved to Boori, guess there is no chance of getting in on this action lol


Can make a portal to boori if you have a new shop there - We have space :slight_smile:


I do not have a shop, honestly building a underwater facility/hub a central shop space may be available but still building.

I def wouldn’t be against this though. If you aren’t.
I can always message you more details if you want.


Sure, keep in touch!


I love your build. I was wondering, as I’m not very clued on portals, could I connect to your hub from my shop which is also on Finata or is the hub for off-world outlets only?


Sorry for slow reply… Flu took me down :slight_smile: Yes you can (as there are spare portals) If you need a custom size let me know, or just take a token for the one you want


Flu nearly had me… but slowly getting back into game - If you grabbed a portal, please check I did your sign right!


Trior feels so left out… :wink:


The sign looks great! Thanks for that and hope you feel better!


For those tempted to open up a larger portal - please PM me and i’ll help with the shards :slight_smile:


Havent been playing lately. Is this place next to my house? @Salvatory ? Just before i went to break i noticed you plotted quite large area next to my house in finata


That was a plot I brought off another player (the one with the pumpkin?)


Ye majorvex used to have that plot space.


If you look north, you’ll see a HUGE black building - that’s the hub/temple