New exo type: "Pristine World"

This would essentially be a normal planet with no plotting allowed. A place to explore (that doesn’t go poof a couple weeks later). A place to harvest beans without gleaming towns crushing nature underfoot. A planet with beautiful colors not found in the regular universe. An exo that doesn’t cost a fortune to warp to, but as a catch it also doesn’t spawn exo drops.

Maybe there’s something else special about these worlds… maybe you can breathe underwater? Or jump 2x higher? Who knows.


I think this would be pretty cool!!! Especially if there were a bunch of crazy rock structures like have been found on other exos! Perfect place for screenshots.

we got so many different planets, but they all have the same gravity! as well as other things… it would be cool if we could have extended breath on one of these planets or have moon gravity on another…


I’d love extended breath or moon gravity.


Or a heavy gravity planet with increased resource drops but all fall damage is fatal :joy:

Moon gravity would definitely be my favorite.

Or maybe a world with no atmosphere, and you “drown” without the proper buffs or equipment.