New Farm Hub OPEN!

On my Tier 1 sovereign, Lotus, I built a new farm hub. So far there are only 2 small farms (sand and gravel).

How to access:

Dragon's Lair World Hub

Lotus Hub



Nice! Can you add a gleam farm to your farms too? I’m buying a lot of gleam at THE FUTURE MALL, so if you change the colors on a regular basis we are kinda business partners :slight_smile:

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problem is that there is no surface gleam on my world :frowning_face:

also colours changing tomorrow

Interesting thing i found while exploring:


that is a nice little outcropping


Thanks. I DID NOT build it - I just found it while mapping my world

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By the way I opened a sedimentary rock farm :slightly_smiling_face:

And… Colours Changed! :heartpulse:

Also there is a new Sedimentary Rock Farm. The colour this month is going to be Silk Cobalt.
Time to get mining! :hammer:

Oh I forgot, I already posted that.

Sorry I read the tag wrong! I thought it said completion

New farms this sounds great. I will need to come visit.